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Romance Weekly

on February 7, 2017

The wonderful Carolyn Spear led this week’s hop…


This time the challenge comes from the very talented S. C. Mitchell:

Flash Fiction Challenge: Give us a romantic scene to set the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s mine…

Stephanie closed her eyes to blot out the glare of the computer screen. She felt empty, except for the churning frustration. Writers’ block. Or in this case, copywriters’ block. The client wanted something fresh to sell engagement rings over the upcoming holiday. But, what new could be said about Valentine’s Day that hadn’t already been? It was a joke. Hearts, flowers? True love? Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. There was no such thing. Soul mate? Not so much.

How about that old faithful image of the fairy tale knight in shining armor riding up on his white horse? Yeah, right. She mentally rolled her eyes.

She had to get outside, away from the torment of the keyboard that just laughed at her lack of creativity today.

Bundled up in a parka and scarf, gloves and a hat, Stephanie headed to the park. It was freezing out. But she hoped the fresh air would do her good, maybe clear her brain and allow her to enter the fantasy world of make believe romance.

You’re a copywriter. You can make stuff up, right?

There were few brave souls out today, since it was too cold for the less hearty. She walked quickly, afraid she might freeze to death if she didn’t keep moving. Without thinking, or looking, she rounded a corner. It all happened in a split second.

The horse reared and its rider twisted to keep the animal from stomping her to death. She heard “Look out!” but she was already trying to jump out of the way. She stumbled into the bushes and fell, face first, onto the frozen earth.

Then, strong hands were reaching for her. Gently, a man lifted her head into his lap and stroked her cheek. Stephanie blinked and found herself staring into eyes the deep green of a summer meadow. They were filled with concern.

“Are you all right? I am so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“It was my fault…” she started to say, but the fingers touching her face were leaving a trail of irresistible warmth.

“Let me help you up.”

She stood a little shakily and did a mental inventory. It seemed nothing was hurt but her pride.

He looked at her expectantly. He was so incredibly handsome, it took her breath away.

“I—I think I’m fine.” She gave the man a half smile.

“Stay here. I need to get Popcorn.”

Stephanie was confused. “But, I’m not hungry.”

He laughed, a rich baritone sound. “My horse.”

“Your horse’s name is Popcorn.”

“My favorite food.” He said it as if it made perfect sense. And oddly enough, it did.

When he returned, she noticed the horse was pure white. Of course it was. This was too good to be true.

“I cannot tell you how sorry I am.” He was so sincere and so amazingly attractive.  “Can I take you to dinner to make it up?”

If his name was Prince Charming, she’d lose it.

She held out her hand. “My name is Stephanie.”

He wrapped his fingers around hers and electricity passed up her arm. “Charles. Charles Prince.”

Stephanie shook her head to loosen her preconceived notions. Did this mean there might be a Santa Claus? Or at least a fairy godmother!

Happy Valentine’s Day and may all your dreams come true!

Since this was his idea, let’s hop over to read the fabulous S. C. Mitchell’s flash fiction.

S.C. Mitchell

Romance Weekly

on January 31, 2017

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Did I really ask this question this week?

What is your favorite romance genre and why?

I didn’t specify if that was for reading or for writing, did I?

Well, for reading, I love a good romantic suspense. And then there are historicals. And of course, can’t forget contemporaries written by some of the best, like Kristin Higgins. Truth is, I love a good story. Draw me in, introduce me to the characters and let me sink into their world. So, bottom line, it doesn’t matter what genre as long as it’s well written.

For me as a writer…well. I obviously jump all over the place. I had so much fun researching and writing my historicals…

There’s my contemporary…which is also kind of a romantic suspense…


Then, there is my “Dance” series, which is historical with a touch of the paranormal…

(coming soon)

(and working on the fourth one…”A Dance in Time”)

And I have just released my two new romantic suspense novels…

Maybe I just can’t make up my mind….

But I hope they all speak to my readers and take them on a journey….

Now let’s hop over and see what the fabulous A.S. Fenichel’s favorite is….

AS Fenichel newest

Romance Weekly

on January 24, 2017

This week, the challenge from the very inventive Jenna Da Sie:

Would you rather? 1) Would you rather go way back in time and meet your ancestors Pre 1800’s or go way into the future and meet your great grandchildren Post 2200? 2) Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone? 3) Would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader? 4) Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds? 5) Would you rather have mermaids be real or unicorns be real?

  1. As an historical romance writer, I think we tend to romanticize the past. After all, there were no medicines, no plumbing, no conveniences we take for granted. The variety of food was limited and people probably mostly smelled bad…just saying. So going back in time for real loses some of its appeal. Also, there is so much written about the past and my imagination loves to fill in the blanks.

Now…the future…I cannot even begin to grasp how many advances in technology will be forthcoming. Look how far we’ve come in the last sixty years or so. So many possibilities. It might be a joyous experience and it might be terribly depressing, but I think I’d like to know.

  1. I can live just fine without my cell phone, but I go crazy if the internet is down even for a few minutes. I can’t imagine going back to doing research without Google. And with email, unlike just talking, you can think about what you’re going to say before you blurt out something you wish you hadn’t said.
  1. I would much rather talk like Yoda and be like Yoda. Besides, who want to be a ‘breather’?
  1. This one is easy. I would definitely rather read minds! Of course, if I knew what everyone was thinking, I might just want to be able to fly (away).
  1. I think I’d rather unicorns be real. I would love to be a mermaid for a day or so, but long term…unicorns speak of love and peace and all good things. Yep, unicorns get my vote.

Let’s hop on over to the incredibly talented Carolyn Spear and see what she would rather …


Romance Weekly

on January 17, 2017

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing S. C. Mitchell:


Tell us about the people living in your head right now. Do an interview with the hero and/or heroine of your current work in progress or your latest release.

There are a lot of people living in my head right now. Tom and Beth are investigating a serial killer. (Available now!)


Nick and Lily are trying to save her restaurant – and her life. (Available soon)


Margaret has disguised herself as a Court Jester in 1616 England and is falling for Lord Seth, who is looking to save his clan. (Also available soon)


But the ones battling it out for attention the loudest are Grace and Shera.

Grace is the heroine of the fourth in the “Dance” series. I was only going to tell the stories of three of the women, but Grace wouldn’t stop nagging. Okay, Grace…what do you have to say for yourself?

My husband is unkind and my life is miserable. I need to escape somehow. But then, I discover a bottle with a note and find a way into the past. Waiting is Pierce and so many new challenges. Can I stay with him or must I go back to my terrible life?

And you, Shera…what is it?

I have been kidnapped and taken to Morocco to join the harem of some Sultan. I need to escape and find who did this to me. My only possible ally is a dangerous man by the name of Kincaid whose wife has been taken and killed. Can I enlist his aid? Will his desire for revenge ever allow him to love again?

Two women seeking their fates….

Yes, Ladies, I’m working on it!

I wonder what the fabulous author of this challenge has going on with his characters. Let’s hop over and see…

S.C. Mitchell

Romance Weekly

on January 10, 2017

This week I asked some questions of my fellow authors:

What do you love best about your writing? Like the least? And what are you doing to fix the things you don’t like?

Let me start by saying I love to write. Love it. Love the research, the plotting, creating the characters. Once I decide which tale to tell, it fills my brain. I will wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with a thought to make the story better. I find the entire experience exciting. And there are times when I can’t really believe I’ve already written nine books and have so many more ready to step up.

What I like the least is the business of writing. I worry about sales and social media and standings. I stress over choosing the right covers, the formats, and wondering if we caught all the typos. Am I doing enough marketing?

What am I going to do about the activities I don’t like? I think they are just part of the process. So, I will accept that there will always be things I don’t like to do but are necessary. That seems to be true about so much in life, doesn’t it?

So, it’s the bitter with the sweet. But it makes me appreciate the sweet that much more.


available now                     coming soon

Let’s hop over and see what the incredible A.S. Fenichel loves and doesn’t love…

AS Fenichel newest

Romance Weekly

on January 3, 2017

Welcome to the first challenge of the New Year. The wonderful Lyra Parish has posed these questions:

How did you be spend your New Years? What literary goals have you made for 2017?

It’s been a long time since I’ve made it to midnight on New Year’s Eve. I guess I just get up too early in the morning, since I find myself falling asleep around ten. I know…boring.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome the chance to start a brand new year with all of the possibilities. Last year this time I was just finishing “The Dream Dancer”, the first of three. This year so far, I have almost completed “Jester’s Dance”, which is the third book in the trilogy.


“Payback” just came out and I am hoping people like it, even though it’s very different from my historical/historical paranormals.


Very soon, my next romantic suspense, “Once Upon a Tablecloth” will be out.


And then…Book Ten. I have no idea what it will be about or where it will take place. That’s part of the fun. The whole world is open to choose. Any time, any place, any hero and heroine.

This year I want to write book ten and at least two more. And to be better as a writer with each one. Those are my goals for 2017.

I hope you all make resolutions you can keep and you have joy by the armload. Oh, and of course, keep reading!

Let’s see what the incredible Jenna Da Sie has planned for the New Year.

Romance Weekly

on December 20, 2016

Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by. I asked the question this time:

If you could get anything in the world you wanted for Christmas, what would it be?

Well, there are all the really important wishes, like peace on earth and that cancer would be eliminated and no one would ever be hungry. If I could right all the wrongs or stop the bullies, that would be excellent.

There are the silly wishes, like my house would never get dirty or my dog would stop shedding mass quantities of hair.

And there are the writer wishes. I wish that the stories I tell would inspire, would help someone through a tough time, would take someone away into another place, another time. I would like to believe that my books have a positive impact and make the world a tiny bit better. If “Hannah’s War” could give one woman the courage to run from an abusive relationship, if “Emma’s Dance” could give someone the strength to fight for love, if any of my other novels could give someone hope for happiness and true love, that would be awesome.


Oh, I write because I love it, I have to, but it would be great to believe that it makes a difference.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Now, let’s hop over and see what the fantastic Tracey Gee wants….…



Romance Weekly

on December 6, 2016

Thanks for stopping by and welcome!

This week I asked the group to tell us about their first kiss….

Here’s mine…

The moonlight spilled on the flowers in the garden, fragrant with the warmth of the evening. He took my hand and pulled me into him, very gently, and lifted my chin. His lips brushed mine and heat seared through my body as the kiss deepened and the passion made the world melt away.

Yeah, sure, that happened.

Truth be told, if memory serves, we were at a party. I was about thirteen or fourteen. We slipped into the darkened dining room and he pressed his mouth against mine. I had braces, so the wires cut into my inside lower lip. The whole experience was terribly, painfully awkward. Passion? Not so much. But, as with most things you do for the first time, it isn’t going to be the stuff dreams are made of. And I suppose that’s why we have romance novels…to teach us to reach for the stars.


and coming soon…


Let’s see what the fabulous and talented A.S. Fenichel can tell us about her first time.

AS Fenichel


Romance Weekly

on January 12, 2016


Welcome back and Happy New Year. This week’s challenge comes from the incredible Brenda Margriet:

Brenda Margriet

Let’s talk about “Firsts.” Everyone can choose their top three “First” memories and write about those (they don’t have to be on the list here). Some suggestions are: First book you remember reading (or being read to you). First romance novel you fell in love with. First “big” trip (eg. out of country, out of state/province, without parents). First love/kiss. First pet. First Christmas/other holiday (eg. when you were a child, after you were married, after your first child.)

Firsts…Well, I remember the first romance novel I ever read. It was given to me by a friend and I shall be ever in her debt. The book was “The Flame and the Flower” by the incomparable Kathleen Woodiwiss. And thus began my romance with romance.

My first pet was a mutt named Susie. My father bought her from a pet store for me, since I was deathly afraid of dogs (I was five) and he wanted me to get over it. There has never been a more gentle soul than that pup. Her bed was outside the kitchen door and one day, after much bravery on my part, I reached out the screen door to touch her back. She didn’t move. So, I touched her again. And she turned her head, a little bit. And we progressed from there. She became my best friend and I would come home every day from first grade and read to her. She loved it and so did I. When my parents divorced and my mother moved us away, we had to give Susie to a neighbor. I still miss her. But I have loved dogs ever since.

My first contract for a novel was a happy day. I was reading my emails and there was one from a publisher which began in the traditional way of the rejection. “Thank you for submitting…” Usually that goes on to say…unfortunately… But this one, THIS ONE, said…”I was delighted with it”. I had to read it over and over through the tears of joy coursing down my cheeks. And I have to say that each time I am offered a contract for one of my manuscripts, it is a fantastic feeling. But I don’t think anything will every top the first time.

TexasSummer-ByLeslieHachtel-800x1200DefiantBride_140x210front cover (2)

and coming soon….


Let’s hop over and hear about the fabulous Tracey Gee’s firsts…


Romance Weekly

on September 8, 2015

If you’ve come over from the remarkable Carrie Elks, welcome.


This week’s challenge comes from the wonderful Susan Scott Shelley – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Given the choice of any authors in the world (living or deceased), who would you want as a guest?

William Goldman. Of course he wrote “The Princess Bride” and so many other screenplays, but he also authored, among other books, “Adventures in the Screen Trade”. What an awesome treatise on writing. And how Hollywood works. He taught me the difference between reality and believability (A Bridge Too Far). Because life is sometimes harder to believe than fiction. From him I learned your hero cannot fail or you lose your audience. (The Great Waldo Pepper). He took his share of criticism (He was panned by critics for a little film called “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”) and he claims no one knows anything about what will be successful. But he clearly had fun.

There are many authors I would love to talk to one-on-one. Of course, Nora. And Stephen King. And Kristan Higgins. And too many others to name. Someday I would hope a reader would name me as a chosen dinner companion. It would mean I inspired them and that would be awesome!

Captains Captive Cover 600x900 smaller TS coverDefiantBride_140x210

Let’s hop over and see who the incredible Susan Scott Shelley would like to invite for dinner.