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on December 6, 2016

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This week I asked the group to tell us about their first kiss….

Here’s mine…

The moonlight spilled on the flowers in the garden, fragrant with the warmth of the evening. He took my hand and pulled me into him, very gently, and lifted my chin. His lips brushed mine and heat seared through my body as the kiss deepened and the passion made the world melt away.

Yeah, sure, that happened.

Truth be told, if memory serves, we were at a party. I was about thirteen or fourteen. We slipped into the darkened dining room and he pressed his mouth against mine. I had braces, so the wires cut into my inside lower lip. The whole experience was terribly, painfully awkward. Passion? Not so much. But, as with most things you do for the first time, it isn’t going to be the stuff dreams are made of. And I suppose that’s why we have romance novels…to teach us to reach for the stars.


and coming soon…


Let’s see what the fabulous and talented A.S. Fenichel can tell us about her first time.

AS Fenichel


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