Romance Weekly

on December 13, 2016

Happy Tuesday and welcome.

This week’s challenge comes from the incredible Jenna Da Sie:

What are some helpful tools and resources that you use for writing?

I can sum that up in one word: Google.

I have no idea how we ever managed without it. Oh, yes, I remember hours and hours at the library, pouring through research books, which sadly never gave me enough of the details I was looking for. Google can tell me how far apart castles are in England, what food people ate in the 17th century and the symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

I found out what medicine was available during the Civil War and how many Black doctors there were then (fifteen). I discovered Smokey Row and what a sailing ship looked like in the 18th century. And the best part is I can stop writing just long enough to clarify a detail to make sure it’s accurate and get right back to the story. Because sometimes I don’t know what questions I need the answers to until I’m in the scene.

I am grateful for Google every day.

Some writers listen to specific music or light candles or dress up to write. Me? I make sure the dog is at my feet (or on the couch behind me), the room is quiet and Google is ready to go.

And coming soon…..

Let’s hop on over and check out what tools and resources the fabulously talented Brenda Margriet uses to enhance her work.

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  1. jbdsie says:

    Isn’t google amazing! I love that you can look up anything and it’s right at your fingertips.

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