Romance Weekly

on November 29, 2016

This week’s question is from the very talented Lyra Parish:

How many projects do you currently have started? Can you give us a quick sentence description of each one?

Right this red-hot second, I have three projects in various stages. The first two are romantic suspense. Both are in final editing.

“Jester’s Dance” is the third in the ‘Dance’ series and is on the way to completion. I hope to release it before the end of the year…but you know how that goes sometimes.

Below is a little blurb on each of the three.


Several surprises await Beth Abbott when she returns to her small town. As a detective, she expects very little in the way of interesting crime. But victims of a female serial killer change that. And then, there’s Tom. Another detective with the local force, he wants to capture not only the perpetrator but also Beth’s heart.

“Once Upon a Tablecloth”

Nick Jordan is a restaurant ‘fixer’ as well as an entrepreneur in his own right. When he shows up to help Lily Mercer save her place, he encounters more than he expected. The two must join forces to save the restaurant and their lives and end up finding each other.

“Jester’s Dance”

The Lady Margaret, widowed and lonely, seeks adventure and goes to court disguised as a jester. She falls in love with a handsome Scotsman, Seth, who enlists her help to rescue his family. Together they must face danger, intrigue, and enemies determined to pull them apart. Can their love survive? Can they?

What’s next after these? Not sure yet, but I’m hoping it’ll come to me…

Meanwhile, I still have some others that are already published.

Let’s hop on over to the fabulous Carrie Elks and see what she has working.

Carrie Elks newest

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  1. jbdsie says:

    Ohhh all those books sound amazing!! Can’t wait to read them.

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