Romance Weekly

on September 27, 2016


This week’s question comes from the incredible Jenna Da Sie:

If you had to give up something – TV? Wine? Starbucks? What would it be and share how you handle it (or don’t).

There aren’t too many things I couldn’t live without. Then again, sometimes I forget how much I take for granted. Yesterday, we had a water leak and had to live without running water for a day while it was fixed. Definitely cannot give up running water!

Electricity? Maybe. I could write by candlelight and cook on an open fire – for a while, anyway. It might be a romantic adventure.

TV? I’ve given that up on occasion and not missed it. I found I read more and that was nice.

Starbucks? I like my morning coffee, but I could give it up and be okay.

Wine. Okay, now you’re hitting the Achilles Heel. Yes, I could give it up, since I don’t really drink to excess. But I would really miss it. That glass of wine at the end of the day is so much more than a drink. It signals the end of the workday and time to reflect on what I accomplished since the morning. It’s the time my husband and I sit down together and share. It’s signifies the time to take a deep breath and let go of the day.

Could I give it up? Sure. How would I handle it? I have found that when one thing goes, another takes its place. So I would have to come up with something else. That’s the amazing thing about people. We adapt. We manage when things change. And they always seem to work out for the best. In the meantime, it’s past five, so I’m off to the kitchen to pour.


Let’s hop over and see what the amazing S.C. Mitchell would give up.


S.C. Mitchell

2 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. scmitchell says:

    Yeah, my wife and I have that evening wine and catch-up session too. If I did give up the wine, I’d just have to replace it with some other kind of alcohol anyway.

  2. Carrie Elks says:

    I love that none of us can give up our glass of wine. I agree, it’s the perfect way to end the working day and start the evening.

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