Romance Weekly

on August 30, 2016

This week’s challenge comes from the incredible Dee Kelly:

 Summer is winding down. What’s your favorite summer activity? Can you do it at home or does it require travel? Did you get to do it this year? Does the activity ever make it into one of your books?

Summer, don’t go….

I love the summer! One of my favorite things is to walk outside in the early morning and listen to the birds singing. Don’t forget fresh vegetables picked from my garden, thunderstorms, lots of sunshine. And longer days.

It’s almost always summer in my stories. I have no patience for lots of layers of clothes (especially on my men). And I don’t like slogging through snow, so I can’t make my characters do it.

My favorite summer activity? I have to say going to the RWA convention. Every July, the romance community gets together in a major city. Two-thousand strong. Last year it was New York, this year it was San Diego and next July, Orlando. Already looking forward to it.  It is the most amazing time. I arrive excited and leave full of energy and encouragement and determination. I meet incredible men and women who understand what I do every day because they do it, too.

Going to the convention makes me realize the importance of soul mates. Not the lover’s kind. The people who get you and feel your joys and pain and achievements and frustration. The people who speak your language. And yes, that activity makes it into my books. Not in the traditional sense. It is the experience that renews my commitment and helps me continue on the path I’ve chosen.


Let’s hop over and see what the fabulous Brenda Margriet loves about summer.

Brenda Margriet newest

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  1. I have no patience for lots of layers of clothes (especially on my men). **snort!
    Someday I’ll get to the RWA Conference – some day!!

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