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on August 2, 2016

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing and talented A.S. Fenichel:

AS Fenichel newest

Choose one of your books and tell us where the idea came from. Was it a dream, an overheard conversation, did it spark from a previous book you wrote? How did the idea come to you and how did it evolve into a full story. If you want to share a snippet, that would be awesome too. 😀

The ‘hot off the press’ “Emma’s Dance” is my latest. The idea was a natural progression from the first book in the series, “The Dream Dancer”. And where did that idea come from?

Years ago, I was working as a breakfast caterer at NBC in Los Angeles. I was on the lot about four in the morning and there was no one else around. It was still dark and quiet and I realized most of the rest of the world was sleeping. So, if I wanted to talk to someone, I would have to speak to them in their dreams. And what if I could tell them whatever I wanted and influence their thoughts? And this seed grew into “The Dream Dancer” which led to “Emma’s Dance” (which will soon lead to “Jester’s Dance”).

Here’s a bit of Emma….

Emma sat on the edge of the bed and sank into the soft coverlet. She stroked the smooth fabric and forced herself to relax and rid her mind of all thoughts save the image of Judith and her bed. She inhaled and her spine straightened of its own accord. Her head lifted and a warm breeze caressed her cheek. She was propelled forward into the tunnel and the familiarity of this journey flooded back — the moisture on the walls, the light up ahead. Emma floated to the brightness and beyond it, then looked down. Judith lay in peaceful repose, her breath coming evenly in and out. She was separated from other servants and Emma was grateful for the space. Emma eased down to the older woman and hovered by her ear. “You must tell the truth,” Emma whispered.

“No,” the woman protested, still clearly sound asleep. “I cannot. They will kill me.”

“You must tell the truth,” Emma repeated. “It is your only hope.”


Let’s see where the incredible S.C. Mitchell gets his inspiration….


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