Romance Weekly

on June 14, 2016

This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brenda Margriet:

Brenda Margriet

What’s in your purse? What does what you carry tell others about you?

My writing life is full of imagination and fantasy and all manner of situations. Very different from my ‘real’ life. In my day-to-day, go to the grocery store and dry cleaners and running errands life, I am a total pragmatist. My purse contains a wallet, my phone, a lipstick and my keys. Okay, there is also a few scraps of paper and a pen for those errant ideas that I don’t want to slip away before I can get to the computer. But that’s it.

My two besties do not carry purses. They carry small suitcases. If you need anything from a band-aid to aspirin to enough makeup to last a week, they always have it stuffed in there. Heaven only knows what else joins the party. Here’s the problem with that. It takes them half an hour to find their keys in that great abyss. Their phones will ring and go to voicemail before they can locate them. I worry that one of them will fall in there and never be heard from again. And neither one can figure out why their shoulders hurt all the time.

Me? Not so much. A fanny pack with the necessities works. It might be because I simply don’t have the patience to search for what I want all the time. And what do you call those women who finish at the checkout and have to rearrange the contents before they can slide their wallet inside. You may call them annoying. I do.

So I guess my purse highlights that there are definitely two parts to my personality. But then, if writers actually lived in the worlds we create, who would make dinner?


Now what do you think the wonderful Jenna Da Sie carries in her purse? Let’s hop over and see….


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  1. Most of the time, I carry a small bag too. Today, though, you guys caught me with my Mary Poppins carpet bag, LOL!

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