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on May 17, 2016

This week the challenge comes from the incredible Kathryn Fox:

Kathryn Renard

Time to start planning your summer vacation! Share with our readers someplace you’ve traveled to that you recommend as a great vacation destination.

Love, love, love the topics. Give me the Caribbean or Hawaii. The palm trees, the flower-scented air, the sense of peace and lack of hurry all make the warmer climes so inviting.

One of my favorites is Jamaica. The people are so welcoming and kind and the atmosphere is pure joy of life. Some favorite expressions there are: ‘no problem’ and ‘irie’, which communicates happiness and comes from the words “all right”. The weather is perfect, with warm rains and hot sun. And the beaches…the ocean is an amazing color of teal blue and the sands are white and gleaming.

The music is rousing and the drinks are a fabulous combination of rum and all the fruits you can imagine.

Jamaica is a poor country, but the people who live there make the most of what they have. Humor is as much a part of their lives as breathing. They even built a tiny shack on one of the main roads with a sign that says “Future Walmart”.

So, I have to ask myself, why haven’t a written a book with Jamaica as the setting? I think I’ll have to get right on that. But first, I might need to take another vacation there.

IMG_20160515_155008 But Jakita can’t go so she stays home and reads.

Let’s hop over and check out the wonderful A.S. Fenichel’s choice.

AS Fenichel

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