Romance Weekly

on May 10, 2016

The marvelous Fiona Riplee posed this question:

If a mystical being were to visit you, what advice do you think they would impart to you? (Use creative license on definition of mystical being.)

Morpheus, the god of dreams according to mythology, would definitely be my choice. According to legend, he controls the netherworld of sleep, imparting knowledge and sharing secrets.

The world that surrounds us when we sleep has always been a fascination for me. I go to places and experience things in an entirely different way than when I’m awake. There are so many questions, though, and I would love for the maker of these images to enlighten me.

I think everyone has at least one persistent dream and I wonder if that’s because there is some issue we need to deal with that remains unresolved. And if we face that challenge, does the dream change into another?

Dream interpretation has been attempted by many, but I would really like to go to ‘the horse’s mouth’. When we mere humans try to analyze, we can only be partially objective. Does anyone really know how the mind works?

And what about Lady Bryce, in “The Dream Dancer”? Is it possible to influence another in their dreams? Years ago, many thought you could learn another language (or other pursuits) in your sleep if tapes were played. If that’s true, is it such a leap to imagine other ideas being introduced during slumber? I would love to know. Wouldn’t you?

So, Morpheus, if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to stop by for a chat, you would be more than welcome.


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