Romance Weekly

on April 26, 2016


This week’s question comes from the amazing Jenna Da Sie:

If you inherited a bunch of undeveloped land, what would you do with it?

The question evoked an image of miles of sweet green grass stretching out to the horizon, the smell of rich black earth and pops of bright color from wildflowers. The possibilities are endless. But, there is one thing close to my heart that this land would serve. (After holding a fundraiser, of course).

stock-photo-caged-monkey-378565255                             stock-photo-sad-dirty-dog-black-and-white-on-fence-110881364

There are so many animals with terrible lives who have been in captivity or ignored or face death every day. Imagine a place where they could go and roam unfettered.


Yes, the various species would have to be separated, but with a bunch of land, that wouldn’t be a problem. I think of animals that have never tasted freedom, who have never been without a cage or chains. It is so unfair. Humans are supposed to be stewards, not jailers. So, short of being able to give all the animals loving homes, freedom would be so much better than chains and bars.

I know it’s not practical, but it is possible and if I had lots of undeveloped land —that would be my choice for it.

014 - Copy     Yes, this is how it’s supposed to be…….


Let’s see what the incredible Brenda Margriet would choose to do….

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  1. jbdsie says:

    What a great idea to have land for animals! We’ve taken it from them, it would be nice to give some back. Great blog! 🙂

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