Romance Weekly

on February 9, 2016

Hey, thanks for hopping over and welcome. This week’s challenge comes from the marvelous Jenna Da Sie:

 Book covers: what do you like to see on Romance book covers? Both characters, one character, shirts off, fully clothed, faces, silhouettes? What turns you off from choosing one?

Choosing books by their covers is like …well, like love at first sight. It’s that indescribable something that just pulls you in. I can’t say any one thing makes for the perfect cover. I think color and shapes attract me more than anything. I do like to see the main characters most of the time. That’s why I so admire my cover artists. They take my information about the books and the hero and heroine and interpret it in a different medium. And I have to say, seeing my final covers for the first time is very exciting.

I have four books out and one due soon…five covers that are very different, although all do show the hero and heroine. I love my covers and I believe (hope) they will attract the readers. And they all give a feeling of the stories inside.

What turns me off from choosing one? Again, I have no idea. But isn’t that the fun of it? When you’re looking for a new read, you never know what you’ll find. What do you think of these covers? Do they make you want to buy the books?


Just released TDD_eBook_PROOF1a and coming soon……….HannahsWar_150dpi_eBook

Now, let’s pop over and see what the incredibly talented A.S. Fenichel finds appealing.

AS Fenichel

3 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. I love the Dream Dancer cover – it’s sexy and intriguing. It makes me feel like the woman is the power figure in the story.

  2. jbdsie says:

    I really love the Dream Dancer cover as well as The Defiant Bride! Your covers are very eye catching. I would definitely read all of those. 🙂

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