Romance Weekly

on November 17, 2015

This week the challenge comes from the amazing Jeanne McDonald  whose wonderful new book is being released today! Can’t wait to read it!

J. McDonald

List the top ten items on your bucket list. Put them in order of priority and explain why they’re on your list.

My bucket list…it’s funny, as I get older, the bucket list gets longer. There is so much I really want to do before I die. Some things I know are improbable, some impossible, but what the heck. It’s my list. These are not necessarily in order of priority, since there are so many factors necessary to make them happen. Except for number one. I can control that.

  1. To finish writing my twentieth novel and then begin the twenty-first one. I am pretty sure the reason it’s on the list is obvious.
  2. To spend the night in a Scottish castle complete with ghosts. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
  3. Take a walking trip through the Irish countryside in the spring. Can you imagine a more beautiful place to explore on foot? I can’t.
  4. To save a life. Isn’t that why we’re here? To help another person?
  5. To sit on the set while my novel is being made into a movie. The producers can have their pick of which one. It would be awesome to watch one of my books come to life.
  6. Have dinner with Nora Roberts. Now what romance writer worth her salt wouldn’t want that on the list?
  7. Dress in a chiffon gown and dance under the stars with the man I love. Yes, I’m a romantic. Duh!
  8. To understand my cell phone as well as my teenage stepson (or any teenager for that matter). I’m afraid technology will always be one more step up the learning curve, but I keep working on it.
  9. To read all the books I want to read. Okay, we all know that’s impossible.
  10. To go to the wedding of one of my besties (and she knows who she is). She so deserves to find the man of her dreams.

 DefiantBride_140x210front cover (2)TexasSummer-ByLeslieHachtel-800x1200

 Let’s hop over and see what’s on the wonderful Jeanne McDonald’s bucket list. After all, this was her idea.

2 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. jbdsie says:

    That’s amazing you have so many novels! It would be great to see your name on the big screen one day, how fun! 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    These are really great! I stayed I a haunted Scottish castle and it was pretty cool. I didn’t sleep a wink :-). I hope all of these come true for you 🙂

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