Romance Weekly

on September 22, 2015

This week’s question comes from the talented Tessa Gray:

Tessa Gray

Romance novel readers are said to love emotionally satisfying endings. Are there issues you feel are taboo in romance novels that you wish you could write about? What are they?

I feel so blessed to be writing in 2015. I can’t imagine any subject that is taboo anymore in romance novels (excepting illegal acts with children, etc. and those are so disgusting, I wouldn’t want to read about them, so forget writing about things like that). We are no longer confined to following the guidelines of the ‘bodice rippers’ of old. The door has been opened for longer plots, controversial situations and complex characters, more intimate sex scenes. And pretty much any kind of sex scene. We can write anything from inspirational to erotica and all things in between. It’s pretty exciting. You can close the door or swing it wide. What incredible freedom. Personally, I love to write the happily ever after. I love the hope, the promise. Always have, always will.

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Let’s hear a male perspective from the fabulous S.C. Mitchell…


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