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on December 30, 2014

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The talented Kim Handysides wants to know our desires for New Year’s….

When I woke up this morning, I had the strangest thoughts. It occurred to me that life begins in a small, dark, cramped space….and ends that way.

Our first bed is a crib and for many of us, it is also our last.

In the beginning, there are cards of congratulations and in the end, condolences.

A vast circle. Not a new idea. But profound all the same. It made me think of a Ferris wheel, where the only way we can truly make a difference is to stick out our arms and change the dynamic.

So, this is my wish for the New Year. To reach farther, to try harder, to get it more right.

I believe we are each meant to do something and a great part of most of my life has been trying to figure out what that is. So, now that I have the answer, I am going to hang on tight with one hand while stretching out with the other.

I want that to translate into writing more books better, being more patient (okay, any patience would be an improvement) and doing whatever I do with a kinder heart and more energetic spirit.

I wish for everyone to be happier and find their passion.

Every January 1st is a mulligan and we get a new chance to reach out of the circle. Happy New Year.

Let’s see what Katie O’Connor is wishing for. Let’s hop on over.


4 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. gemmabrocato says:

    Oh, what a lovely post. You already own a kind heart and and energetic spirit. I imagine 2015 will be a banner year for you. Happy New Year, friend.

    1. You are so good! Happy New Year!

  2. danijace says:

    Here’s to reaching out of the circle! Even when some of us are shy 😉

  3. jjdevine says:

    Beautiful post, Leslie!!! I love the reference to the circle, you are absolutely right!!!

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