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on December 16, 2014

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This week the talented Carrie Elks wants us to talk about our favorite Christmas stories:

Christmas. It evokes so much and runs the gamut from stress to joy. There is one story and one movie that exemplify what Christmas should be…at least for me.

The first is “The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry. It is the story of a young, poor couple so much in love they sacrifice their greatest possessions to buy Christmas presents for each other. The irony: She buys him a watch fob, but he has sold his watch, passed down from his grandfather, to buy her combs for her lovely, long hair. She has cut off her hair and sold it to buy him the fob. To love someone so much that nothing is as important as giving to them…

The movie is “Love Actually”. Usually these kind of ensemble movies are predictable and mundane. Not this one. It portrays so many kinds of love, including romantic, unrequited and sacrificing a long term relationship for a fling. It’s also about friendship. It is neither simple nor cliché and, although I have watched it every Christmas for years, it never gets old.

So Christmas is all about love. Seeking it, reveling in it, sometimes dealing with pain and loss. But worth the quest. The true gift of Christmas we should never overlook.

Happy Christmas.

Let’s see what Xio’s favorite is…and don’t forget her par-tay today introducing her new release. Help her celebrate the release of The Calum

Xio Axelrod

4 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. I love the “Gift of the Magi!” Good choice. And Hugh Grant…I mean “Love Actually” too.

  2. gemmabrocato says:

    I’ve never read Gift of the Magi, but it’s been added to my list as of this moment. And Love Actually is my current favorite movie. I’ve already watched it twice since Thanksgiving.

  3. Mikki Cober says:

    I loved the “Gift of the Maji” – thank you for reminding me about that story of selfless love. So sweet. And yes, yes, yes for “Love Actually” – a terrific movie.

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