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on October 21, 2014

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This week, the challenge was from the wonderful Mishka Jenkins:

Write a love letter with the words sweet, pumpkin and brush. Here’s mine:


I went to the grocery store today. In the front was a huge display of pumpkins. It is October, the month when we discovered each other.  The first time our eyes met, when your hand brushed against

mine, how I could barely breathe. I can close my eyes and relive it.

We played like children in the multi-colored leaves of a field, content to be together. Scents were suddenly sweeter, food more delicious, everything brighter. I reveled in it. I trusted it.

Halloween slipped into Thanksgiving and then to Christmas. You gave me a ring which now nestles in my jewelry box, among the mementos. Sometimes, I chance upon it.  I pick it up and twirl it

between my fingers. I might slip it on, but the pain is still too sharp.  And I return it to its quiet place. How long has it been?

Such a ridiculous moment in time, such a quirk of fate. If you had not been in that car. If the other driver had stayed less time (or more) in the bar.

You were coming to see me. You were late, but I didn’t worry. You were always late. It was New Year’s Eve and we planned to toast the future, so full of possibilities. Then, your sister called. Tears filled my champagne glass and I drank misery until I could hold no more.

It is said that love is the most powerful draught of all and I bathed in it with you. And then it was gone like a fading note, leaving behind only the echo.

Every year, I write you another letter to take its place on your grave, along with a pumpkin. Just so you know, I will never forget. Not a single second. Not a touch, not a glance. Do you know what I miss most? Being in love.


I am so curious what the talented Jo Richardson will write. Aren’t you? Let’s go see.

Jo Richardson

6 thoughts on “Romance Weekly”

  1. Aww man *sniffle*. You got me. Well done!

    1. Thanks. You are so kind.

  2. jjdevine says:

    This made me cry, so beautiful!!!

  3. Fiona Riplee says:

    A beautiful letter. I’m misty eyed.

  4. carolynspear says:

    So beautiful and so sad. Lovely.

  5. gemmabrocato says:

    Tears fill my champagne glass. Oh my gosh!

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