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on October 18, 2016

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This week’s question comes from the incomparable Lyra Parish:

How many words have you published or written?

Thousands and thousands. I have published maybe 360,000. But written? Too many to count.

My mother died recently and I was going through old things and found stories I had written when I was five or six.

Years later, I became a certified self-defense instructor. At the end of each class, the students and teachers brought a small, meaningful gift for the group related to their experience. My gifts were short stories about the class and how it helped me grow and become more whole.

I went on to write TV shows and screenplays and, of course, novels. Words on paper express my thoughts so much more effectively than the spoken word. Writing also unleashed my imagination. I can go places and do things and get into the heads of others in a way I could not do with simple daydreams. All I have to do is hours upon hours of research, which luckily I really love.

I travel through time and confront conflicts and, unlike real life, it always comes out exactly as I planned.

So, how many words will I write in the future? I hope thousands upon thousands more. And each time I put words to paper, I want it to be better than the time before.


Let’s go see how many the wonderfully talented A.S. Fenichel has written.

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