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on October 4, 2016

This week’s question comes from the incomparable Lyra Parish:

Lyra Parish

When you release a new book, do you have a release day tradition?

I wish I could say I send up balloons or drink champagne, but the truth is, I am so relieved, I just sit back and take a break. Publishing is so much more complicated than I ever imagined before I started on this road. It has so many parts and takes much longer than I thought. Whether for my traditionally published or my self-published books, the process is pretty much the same. First, find a traditional publisher. Or decide to be my own. Then there’s the editing. I believe in a minimum of twice and then running it past a proofreader. Then, cover art, formatting, etc.

Seeing the cover for the first time is like watching the book actually come to life in a more tangible way. It’s definitely my favorite part.

Before release day, I have to make sure my marketing plan is in place, including arrangements for pre-order. After all, it doesn’t do any good to write a book and then not let anyone know it’s out there.

And then, finally, months (or even years) later, there it is. Available. Pretty exciting. Until the panic sets in. I have to write another book. Now.

Okay, so I take a day off and maybe get a mani-pedi or go shopping. And then, back to the old computer to start another journey.

Just being able to write every day is a celebration.


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