Romance Weekly

on July 26, 2016

This week I had a question:

A writer I know sets her mood with candles and music that suit her characters. Do you do anything special to put you in the right frame of mind to sit down and create?

My office is not messy. I know where everything is. But it’s set up so my husband is afraid to enter it. Excellent! Because being in my office puts me in exactly the right frame of mind to write. That, and of course, having my dog, Jakita, laying on the couch behind me or at my feet.


Don’t let that picture fool you. She’s working.

In fact, I ask her about plots and characters all the time. Well, at least I’m not talking to myself.

I love the idea of creating a mood for my characters based on what they would choose for ambiance. But, it’s just not me. I crave the quiet.

So, I suppose the most special thing I do is get Jakita settled and close the office door. And yes, there is a sign on that door. It reads “Hush, y’all”. Hey, I’m in the South.

And, let me take this opportunity to announce the brand new release of the second in the Dance series.


Let’s see what the wonderfully talented A.S. Fenichel does to get in the mood.

AS Fenichel


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