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on September 30, 2014

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‘Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

This week’s challenging questions are from the talented Vicki Mixon.

1. Was there a defining moment in your life when you knew you were going to become a writer? If so, what was it?

One morning years ago, I was about to make my bed and clean house. I thought…out of the blue…I can do housework or I can write a novel. I chose the novel. I knew then I had discovered my passion. I’m still a pretty lackadaisical housekeeper, but now I have an excuse.

2. When you write a story do you see it unfold as one big picture, or do you add layering in subsequent drafts?

The basic outline is there, but the characters add layering and new situations appear. I don’t try to control it. Rather, I document it. I just have to make sure it is cohesive.

3. How many drafts do you usually write before you send your work to your editor?

As many as it takes until I’m satisfied. “The Defiant Bride” was re-written at least five times and “Captain’s Captive” at least three. There’s no set number of drafts.


I wonder how LaNora answered these questions. Let’s hop over and see.

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